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Status: Online
Location: Latam
Version: V8


In MU Origin 2, there are 5 different types of classes, each with its unique abilities and roles. Likewise, the differences between each class make them appropriate for different styles of games. After all, some will surely want to be powerful warriors who attack with physical strength, while others will want to dispatch their enemies with spells from afar. However, beyond the differences between the skills of each class, you will also find that each of these lend themselves to different types of players and play styles.

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That's how it is! LATAM, this word is used to refer to the set of countries of the American continent in which languages derived from Latin are spoken (Spanish, Portuguese and english), as well as in this case, it also refers to the physical location of the servers.


The language of the game or app will be by default the one selected in the download, the LATAM version offers 2 available languages (Spanish and Portuguese).


Some might argue that network latency is not very important in this game, however it IS! You will notice it at all times when playing in LATAM if you are from this geographical area.